I don’t normally go on twitter first thing in the morning – but often I check e-mail.  That’s when I saw I had a new follower – I’m up to eight – thank you Catriona.   But once there – you probably know how it goes – you click on things that can render you ineffective and unproductive for a good-morning-God-Time.  However, today was different.  I saw a tweet from Nancy Lee DeMoss telling you what she prays for herself.  It was very good – and it made me want to do my own top ten – which I did – and here it is.  That’s the sort of God-Time I can totally get into!

In reflection, this is what I often pray for — hoping to become:

1.  One of God’s intimates – Years ago I read in Bruce Demarest’s book – Satisfy your Soul –  that God doesn’t have favorites, but he indeed does have intimates – ever since – I’ve asked God if I can be one of his intimates.

2. A Self-Controlled Woman.   This one comes up way too often.  And I find that I often lose the battle.

3.  To represent Christ well.

4.  To practice the ninefold fruits well.  One of my favorite books (After You Believe) of the decade says this:  “Faith, hope, love and the ninefold fruit are things which demand to be practiced, learned, and made habitual together.

5.  The Nearness of God.  I love to feel God’s Spirit.  I don’t want to just know him in my head – I want to feel him in my heart.

6.  His leading.  I often think I’m going in my own strength once I finish my morning God-Time.  Hence, I often close my prayers with “Lead on O King Eternal.”

7.  Make me into the kind of woman You enjoy rejoicing over.  I can’t help but think about that stadium filled with saints – and that verse in Zephaniah (3:17) where the Lord will rejoice over you with singing – and C.S.Lewis’ quote that we are working on becoming everlasting splendors.

8.  Don’t let me be a heretic – and lead anyone astray.  In my current vocation, I have young women who come to me daily for guidance.  And I am not your typical black and white type thinker – I love being “grey” in my thinking and landing on the fence with many issues that are not salvific in nature – “all things to all people” sorta woman – that’s me.  Hence, “Lord, don’t let me be a heretic.”

9.  Help me to love those I have a hard time loving.  This is a biggy for me.  And probably the one I fail at the most.

10.  That I bring Glory to God alone.  Wow  – can I get in the way of this one.  Not that it’s my love language – that would be “time” – but affirmation is so lovely – and wouldn’t it be nice if we only needed the applause of One?

11.  Make me a grateful woman always.  I would have to say that my prayers/conversations with God are more in the gratitude category than the petition category.  I know I am a blessed woman.

12.  Keep me from evil.   How could I forget this one?!  One week later I am adding #12 to my top ten.  Because I just prayed it.  As a child, my mom would do our prayers with us.  This is the one request I remember the most.  I didn’t even know what evil was – and my childlike brain thought “eagle.”  To this day i realize how very much God has answered this prayer.

Ely from 142 ft upSo, with this said – regards my petitions/prayers – thank you Nancy Lee DeMoss for the inspiration – I have one further comment – my prayers are more like conversations – they are very self-absorbed in nature – and filled with gratitude and repentance and begging God to let me be a part of his kingdom advancing activities on earth.

If you are interested in Nancy’s list, here it is for your convenience:  Revive our Hearts.

So, what do your personal, self-indulgent prayers look like?