In light of yesterday’s post, and if I could actually reach the entire world with a message, today, I think it would be this:

R-A-I-S-E your expectations …

of God.

Not your spouse or family or friends or the person in the other car that just cut you off, but of the only One who can actually handle your expectations.

Here’s the thing – I think – some of us like to fly under God’s radar because we think if he sees us–or takes notice–he is liable to want to inflict a Job-like affliction on us – or possibly WillandColeneNorton(forWeb)ask us to go to some third world country – live in a hut with a dirt floor and eat worms to stay nourished.  I personally know of only a couple of couples that did something similar (the Nortons & Longs) and from what I know of them, they wouldn’t trade their time in Africa for all the money in America.  I think it’s safe to say we’re probably safe from that lifestyle – that is – if we really want to be safe.

But here’s what i think — I think it would be most beneficial if we lived expectantly in light of who God truly is: Powerful.  Abundant.  Lavish.  Good.  Merciful.  All loving.  What if we woke every morning remembering his character traits?  And like William Carey adopted the motto: Expect great things from God … do great things for God.  And I just love Dr. Norton’s life verse, which is “through God we shall do valiantly, for he it is who will tread down our adversaries!”  Fabulous life verse.

I mean really!

After all, it was Jesus who said, “I have come to give life and give it to the fullest.”  Can you remember the last time you were living life to the fullest?  I hope something recent can pop into your head.  Because a life lived to the fullest is living expectantly.  It’s not my job – or yours – to define how that looks – it could be serving lunch to 220 people – which I will be doing in four short hours – it could be changing your baby’s diaper many times today – which I’m sure Lauren & Cristina & Jenni will be doing today—and tomorrow—and next week.  See it’s really not what you are doing – it’s under who’s watch are you doing it?  And when you have an audience of One – and are doing all things for His glory – oh my – he can truly put the extra – in an ordinary day – can I just tell you – this is thrilling my soul to even think about it.  So quit whining and start asking our lavish and abundant God such things like: “How is it you’d like me to live this day?”  or “What can I do to advance your kingdom?”  or “Who are you calling me to today?”  (For my young friends the answer to that is probably William, Weldon & Amos.)  It’s not magical but it is miraculous – and when we are practicing His nearness – you just never know what He’s going to do.

Finally my sisters – and brothers – remembering a few things like Hebrews 13:5 and 1 Corinthians 2:9 will help you see, “He may not be safe but he’s good.”  Live Expectantly.