Last week I saw my husband do something I’ve never seen him do. He squashed a bug with his bare hands. I was so impressed! You see Tom often will spray something from a distance of at least five feet until he thinks its dead and then leave the dying creature for someone else (aka me) to clean up.

Now, mind you the bug was a very small spider – and I’m pretty sure he thought it was on the outside of the windshield – so I think he was as surprised as I was when it squashed between his finger and the windshield – but that just cracked me up!

And I couldn’t help but point out to him that this was yet another “first” for our marriage. Just when I thought I’ve seen it all, I get to see my husband do something so incredibly enjoyable after 30 years of marriage.

Today is the two month anniversary of my first blog. By now, if you’ve read all fifteen posts – you may get the feeling I’m a little impetuous, random and chaotic. Like my friend, who when I asked, “so you’re a little charismatic?”, answered “Oh no, I’m a lot charismatic,” I echo, “Oh no, I’m a lot impetuous, random and chaotic.” So, can I chalk it up to being 54 (aka peri-menopausal)? I think I can. You know what they say: What you are at 20 you can double it at 40, triple it at 60.

One minute I’m soaring on the wings of eagles – like right now – and the next I’m overtaken with doubts and ruminating thoughts that aren’t healthy – like yesterday.

And often I’m wondering to myself – and to the Lord – what happened to cause my EQ (emotional quotient) to soar? Again, I’m ready to bottle it. Whatever “it” is.

But I can’t – so why not just be content to enjoy the moment? And in this contented moment, it would serve me well to remember that when the discouraging moments come – they too will pass – and often quite quickly.

Now that’s not to minimize the effects of a good humored husband either!

Here’s another random moment that brought me sheer delight …

The other day we were watching a show which explained why older humans have a hard time remembering things. It really was refreshing to anyone over 50 and struggling with this sort of thing.  Because, they blamed our memory on the fact that we older folks have so much in our brains – its like a computer that has to sift through all that knowledge to find the answer to the pressing question at hand.

So anyway.

After this TV episode, sitting in our home of 19 years,Tom says, I have to go to the bathroom. … pause…

Would you mind telling me how to get there?

Does that not kill you?

It did me.

See, it’s those things, those moments of random delight – of taking delight in my husband’s attempt to delight me – whether intentionally or unintentionally (the spider episode) – and finding something fun and new to take notice of.

Now of course this has me thinking . . .

I wonder if God does that with us?

Does he just giggle with glee when we do something so delightful? Does he want to share the joy with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, and those angelic beings I imagine dancing around His throne?  I’m really not sure what that looks like and some may even think it is inappropriate to even speculate about such a thing.

But COME ON!!!

Is he – the God of the Universe – still rejoicing over his creatures? I say a whopping YES! Folks, it is truly time to dance occasionally – and to recognize that we have an audience of One at our disposal – so what are we doing with that realization – using it to glorify Him by bringing him delight – or just disposing of the moment?

I close by sharing with you what I found in Proverbs:

And I was daily His delight, rejoicing always before him. (8:30b)