The messianic program is in place and your circumstances hasn’t stopped it. (source forgotten)

Oh Lord, what a lovely find this morning – and oh how true – especially on a day where many believe that our future lies in the results of our voting today. Do they really? If so, then this is a serious indictment on all who believe in the sovereignty of You. You know what You are doing – and it does seem like You are giving Americans as much rope as they want in order to hang themselves on it – but still – we are yours – You are eternal – life is abundant and You will never leave us or forsake us – never means never. Ah, Lord, I want to be a part of your messianic program – in whatever way you deem best. And at 54 I still don’t really know what you deem from one day to the next – today I think I will clean out the kitchen at the seminary – and enjoy working alongside my enjoyable co-workers. See! – even in the mist of all the messiness this world brings – you bring beautiful things – I must find that quote. Found it.

Who can make trouble when you send me peace. (from Streams in the Dessert)

Oh Lord, can I really get my head around how truly incredible you are and your ways being so high – yet the attention to every detail of my life is noticed by You.

So on this day of elections, I thank you that I am at peace – and that you calm my anxious heart always and completely. May you do likewise for all my sisters and brothers.  In the mighty and all powerful name of Jesus, Amen.