It’s Mother’s Day.Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 11.00.34 AM

I wish you all a happy day.

You who have the hardest vocation on the planet.

The vocation that never stops.

The vocation that always gives.

The vocation that puts everyone else first.

The vocation that has the greatest blessings

and the hardest sorrows.

But there is one mom in particular that is on my heart at this moment, and it is my own.

She’s truly something.

Other worldly something.

Because all that thrills her soul is her heavenly Father.

She talks about Him continuously.

She has no greater pleasures than seeking Him first and making Him known.

She cares deeply for all her children.

Yes, four children before 23.

All born in New Orleans.

And then there are the hundreds of other children that didn’t come from her body.

She cares deeply for them too. Rachel, Coley, Kammy, Buddy, Kathy, Bob … You know who you are.

Here’s what I love about her:

She believes.

Her faith is rock solid in Jesus Christ, which produces an overflowing joy emanating from her at all times. And if she’s not talking about Father, you can be sure she’s thinking about him.

She’s Polyana. She only believes in what is pure and lovely and true.

She’s also Walt Disney (the early years).

She’s imperfect—never needing anyone around her to be perfect either. Growing up, her expectations were never very high for her very imperfect children – which really takes the pressure off of all who are around her. You can be yourself, and it is good enough.

She’s fun.  Four children in your early twenties—living in the projects with a husband who shipped out for months at a time, doesn’t sound like fun. And for her it must not have been. But for us kids? Well, we had a ball. Beignets, Mardi Gras, Halloween, snowballs, Christmas, Easter, ice cream trucks, playing in the streets, building forts out of blankets in our rooms, playing playing playing – we had fun every day of our lives – and every night ended with prayers in bed. Amazing that we found time to go to church twice on Sunday and Wednesday nights. For much of my childhood, my mom was the church pianist. So while she played the piano at choir practice, we ran wild throughout God’s house.

God’s grace to my mother has not been without effect. We really didn’t have much – in the way of worldly possessions – those early years – but God never let my mother out of his sights. And His grace to her has produced a woman after God’s own heart. She works for free for her favorite Christian retreat center, she still plays the piano at her church, she runs the community Bible study in her town – and she still has hundreds of children. And that’s just only a few of the things she is STILL doing in her mid-seventies.

Ma, I love you. You have been a fun, godly, passionate mother. I’m very thankful that the Lord gave me you as my mother. Eternity will be a blast with you and Jesus.