#1 The Ten Minute Trainer by Bowman 2005

I chose my first book for one reason. It was on loan to me almost a year ago and it is past time to return it. I started it as soon I got it, but only read a dozen pages. It is more of a resource book, and I think I got the premise pretty quickly:   If you want to keep anyone’s attention, you need to do it in 10 minute intervals. And, here’s a bunch of fun and quirky ways to break up your teaching. Yes I enjoyed it and yes, I learned a lot – and yes, I came away from many of its pages by praying that the Lord let me be a “teacher” again one day. I’m thinking my 8th decade. So as I get a jump on my 7th decade, I shall take books like this one and file them away in my soul, and hope that God helps me to pull them out when He grants me that long term goal of some sort of “speaking” when I am 70.

I don’t really want to talk about the book, even though I recommend it. I want to talk about the person who gave it to me. Betsy. I’m not sure there is another parishioner that loves me as well as Betsy does. Even when I say that, I can picture in my head Betsy’s mom (Vicky) telling me, “oh, she loves you.” That was after I told Vicky how much I loved her daughter. Betsy knows how to love well. So, when my church hired her to be the Director of Women’s Ministries last spring, selfishly I thought – I get to be with Betsy every Tuesday at staff meeting!   Not only is Betsy a great lover of souls, she is a gifted Bible teacher. While it is obvious she puts hours and hours of preparation into every minute of teaching, it’s also obvious that she seeks wholeheartedly to walk her talk. And her talk is Jesus. I find it such a pleasure to watch her grow in grace, and do look forward to seeing her in her 6th decade and teaching the word of God (she’s a lot younger than me).

#2 Soar by T.D. Jakes. 2017

Tom asked me to buy this book last year –it’s a new book –very current – even makes references to Facebook! Love that! even though I hate Facebook. I think Tom probably saw Bishop Jakes on Dr. Phil and asked me to buy it. Not that the details of why its on my shelf are essential – or that I feel the need to apologize for reading someone not in “my own camp of choice” – but sometimes televangelists are lumped in one bucket and we just as soon put a lid on the bucket and bury it deep in the backyard. But I like this saint. Every time I see him on TV he seems kind and humble and genuine. So, I thought, let’s pick it up and read it!

On every page I can hear his voice. He writes like I picture him, and I like that. If he were to read his own books on audible, I’d get it and go to sleep by it, because that’s how soothing he is to my soul.   But, surprise surprise, this book is about being an entrepreneur. Who knew? Not I. So, I gladly took his words of wisdom and thought about my pottery and wondering if one day it will become a real business. I don’t know. But I hope it doesn’t happen any time soon. It’s nice to have an avocation that doesn’t have to produce money. It’s nice to be able to gift the plumber and the heating and air folks who come to my house and serve us well. Our fabulous gardener, Joel, has quite a few pieces. Just last week, the day after Christmas, I brought my little bowls to my WW family. This morning, I was received with gratitude and pictures of how they are using their piece. Can I just tell you how much that warms my heart and soul! But, back to TDJ, I love him and if I don’t meet him until eternity I shall hope to spend an afternoon with him sharing the joy he brought me as I read his book in my first week of my 2019 goal. I shall consider it a God-thing that I had it and chose it.