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#28 A Violent Grace by Michael Card, 2000.

Michael Card is one of my favorite singer/songwriters. I’ve also often called him my favorite theologian as well. His book about the crucifixion brought a solemness to my soul as I read.

A time to mourn and a time to rejoice. This week surely should include elements of both. These two songs of Michael’s are some of my favorites. May our Holy Week be filled with embracing and remembering the Cross.

Violent yet beautiful quotes from the book:

Of all Jesus’ supporters, only weeping women are left.

If we take the name Christian, we, too, must be recognized by our scars. The visible proofs of crucifixion–not our accomplishments, degrees, possessions, or wealth–will become our identifying marks.

He suffered to serve … The crucified life begins in servanthood … I must warn you that, when we take them as chosen marks of our life, humility and obedience to Christ threaten to change us completely. They will do violence to the old, selfish, superficially promising pursuits that we have mistaken for life. … Out of the beautiful violence of His life will flow a river of grace that will change our world. … Until we allow ourselves to be embraced by this costly grace, we can never know what it means to be completely accepted.