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#37 Things that Matter by Charles Krauthammer, 2013.

I bought this for my husband when it first came out. Charles Krauthammer was the one voice on Fox News that didn’t annoy me. When he passed away over a year ago, I downloaded the audible version, because he was the narrator. Now that he has passed on to eternity, I wonder if the things of this world–those that mattered to him most–still matter to him now?

Much of what matters to him in this book, does not matter to me. He loves politics, and analyzing current events all the way back to the Carter and Reagan eras. What memories. He uses words that I’ve never heard of–or if I have–they never stuck. Like hegemony. After hearing it more than a dozen times, I finally decided to look it up.

Here’s what matters to me:

Living life in light of my calling as a child of God. Which, to me, means making the most of my final third, by working on my character, seeking the Lord daily, and finding him in every moment. And figuring out how to be an instrument of His in the lives of those He calls me too.

I’ll have to say, I often don’t know who it is that He calls me to. And there are times that I feel I am in willful disobedience to his voice.

You didn’t really say that did you?

And then I go about my day, doing what I want to do. The voice of my ole professor rings in my head often when I reflect on my pitifulness:

You need work.

John W. P. Oliver

#38 Christ Changing Lives by Rod Culbertson, 2018.

This latest read was dropped in my mailbox by the author. Now that’s service! It was one of the few books (perhaps only) of his that I’ve read after it was published. All the rest were read before as I searched for typos and awkward sentences as one of his editors. It was nice to read one of his books where I found no typos, and perhaps only one or two awkward sentences – but that’s just me. He’s clear and comprehensive.

The timing of this book was most appropriate for this week. Yesterday, in our staff-reflecting/planning/dreaming-day, I learned of my pastors plans to radically change the way our church does discipleship. Seeing as how that word–discipleship–is part of my vocational title–my brain was engaged–and Rod’s book will surely be a rich resource in adding my voice to the conversation. Already this morning I texted all three of my pastors with a series recommendation from the book. Never heard of it, but perhaps it will be instrumental in this new endeavor, that I pray will bring our parishioners into a closer walk with the Lord.

On another note … Rod had me eating my words about my last week’s book, Sharing Christ by Bright. He was a Campus Crusade for Christ volunteer in college many years ago, and seems to love Cru‘s methods of evangelism. Not only does he like them, he testifies to the fruit of them! This is the lesson for me: it takes a village with lots of methods. Just because it doesn’t resonate with me, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a powerful tool in the evangelism tool box.