Pandemic of 2020. Day ~ 23 for me.

In talking with my continual texting buddies,

my aunt Karen and cousin Greer,

I thought of a project this day.

We are all looking for ways to motivate each other as we self-isolate,

in the hope of boosting our emotional well being.

The mission for the day–

which I believe they accepted–

was to find 5 things in their house that they loved

but were willing to part with. They are semi-hoarders! my opinion.

But mostly–the reason for the project–

we all need to practice gratitude.

I’m a firm believer that a heart of gratitude has the power to enhance our EQ.


in going through my house,

snapping shots of my material blessings–

stuff I was willing to separate from–

I also found some things I was not willing to part with.

I think the things I’m not willing to get rid of

say more about me than those I am willing to give up.

I found nine things I love, and were not willing to part with,

at least not today.

I’m not willing to part with this picture of my mom. I think she was 60 when it was taken. She’s now 79 and was delivered from cancer last year. Hard year but she survived. I’m glad. I’m not ready for my mom to go be with Jesus, even though I think she would go tomorrow if He called her home.

I’m also not ready to part with this purse even though I don’t use it much at the moment. My sister bought it for me. She buys me lots and lots of presents. Her love language is gifts. Mine is time. So we combine the two, shopping together. I get to be a recipient of her love language. Lucky her, she gets my time.

I love rings. I collect them. Have loads. These are the ones I’m not willing to part from. Except for the graduation ring and a couple I got from my dad all before I was 21, the rest came from my beloved. Some he picked out, others he just paid for.

Seltzer. Sparkling Water. Soda. One of my newest intimates, Cathy, brought by some deer park seltzer this week and left them on my porch. She was being careful. But more importantly, she was being thoughtful. This reminds me that things aren’t all that important in the scheme of things. People are. Intimates are. And this year in my new small group, I’ve found a few intimates that I’m planning to grow old with.

Books. Can’t live without books. This one I bought for my husband and haven’t finished it. So you can’t have it. Yet.

Fage. 0% Fat. Greek Yogurt. Zero Points. While I wouldn’t want to live without it, what I really don’t want to live without is my WW program, more specifically my WW buds. Jennifer, Gracie, Peggy, Frances, + a dozen more – along with one of my BFFs Cheryl, who I started with over 2 years ago … I do believe it works becuase we have a dynamite leader, Joan. What community. They have kept me accountable and fill me with joy on Wednesday mornings. Another group I can’t wait to grow old with, and thin.

Air Fryer. It’s really Tom’s. Wasn’t that nice of me to buy it for him on his 85th birthday? I think so. I don’t think he’s fond of it. But I am. It grills chicken that is really good. Gracie recommended it. And also a good product to keep me healthy and on program.

Moonlight. I just think this thing is cool. It was cheap. Bought it on Amazon. So if you like it, just go get your own.

Prada Candy. Myra gave me this in 2019. She’s another intimate, a friend I’ve loved mostly from afar until this year, when she agreed to join our small group. It smells fabulous. It feels like it is my personal alabaster jar that I would gladly use on my Savior should He recline at my table.

Here’s the things I love–or have at one time–that i would part with

The shirt. haven’t worn it in 10 years. But i love it.

The perfume. It’s old. Myra says its past its prime. I still love it. But you can have it. I have two bottles.

Stuffed animal. My Christmas present to myself this year. Love it. You can have it.

The rings. I could part with these. Because I love to give my family and intimates rings. Aunt Karen has one of my favs now, and I don’t think I’m getting it back. That’s ok. When she comes this year – Lord willing – I will let her pick from this group. Not the other.

This is me at 60. Just like my mom did when she was 60, I now have my own professional photo in my final third. I framed one for Tom. Not sure why I bought this many. But I was trying to support the work of the photographer who took these and made me look better than I really do. Vain? Perhaps.

Bracelet. I think I bought this out of guilt. I put it on. And forgot I had it on. Then my sister, and my St. Louis BFFs and I walked out of the Portland Maine shop. My sister realized I still had it on my arm. “Did you buy that?” Yikes. So we went back to the store–my friend acting like he was making a citizen’s arrest. They were so gracious, and then I bought it. I like it. You can have it.

This purse. Greer, you can have it. You are the one who loved it so much and convinced me to buy it, with my sister’s money. I like it. But if you want it, it’s yours. Or maybe I should offer it first to my sister.

Folks: Practice gratitude. Give stuff away. Give yourself away. Give one another grace. Share the Hope that is in you. And find new ways, on some days, to be creative with your time. On those days you just feel like being a sloth and taking advantage of your favorite iPad apps, give yourself grace. That’s how I’m going to practice this here pandemic.