As a child, the only thing I can remember wanting to be when I grew up was an adult. Youth—in my opinion—is way over rated. Every decade has been better than the last. I’m in my 6th and am looking forward to my 7th and can’t wait til my 8th – if I make it that far.

My St. Louis BFF turns a year older than me today. Happy Birthday Share. She’s fit and fabulous and often my inspiration in the health department, but if I were truly her student she would have flunked me years ago.

I’m more like Wendy Wasserstein—who I don’t even know—but I read this yesterday and I identified greatly:

“If you’re me and you turn 50, it’s not like you say, I really miss that figure. I just thought, I am who I am. It’s just fine.”

I wrote this (below) at 53 when Share and I were pondering our age. It has indeed evolved a bit and has now been modified, pondered over, deleted stuff and added to since then:

Why I like being 50something:

– I like that I don’t have to verbalize everything I am thinking and feeling.

– I like decluttering instead of accumulating. There’s nothing in this material world that I want at the moment – or need.

– I like being responsible. Or should I say, being seen as being responsible.

– I like not being responsible for children – not that I had any but it’s nice to have step children who are self-sufficient.

– I like being debt free – and able to afford things like a nice car and a gardener.

– I like learning lessons that hopefully will never ever have to be repeated again.

– I like having lots of memory verses from the Word of God in my head and heart – which took decades to get there.

– I like working more on my mental well being than on my physical well being – (I know, I know, I should truly be working on both!)

– I like being in the harvest reaping phase of life.

– I like having six weeks of vacation time a year.

– I like growing into my vocation.

– I like reaping the contentment that comes from persevering.

– I like seeing God’s protection over the past decades.  What is most fun is seeing how’s he protected me from myself!

– And number one, above all, I like that I am closer to seeing the face of Jesus.

Being 50something indeed has its benefits and I’m thoroughly enjoying taking advantage of them all. Yet, what I also love is to look back over the decades and see the hand of God directing my paths, keeping me safe, helping me to persevere and prospering my feeble efforts. The joy is indeed in the journey – even the hard stuff.